I want them squishy in general so they essentially create their own armor, mostly the tops of them are armored while the underside stays squishy so they can still roll up. stupid gecko feet maybe, on the tail and wings too so I can.. draw them stuck to things… I don’t care I do what I want

they’d be a mix of different materials since they have to add more over time and it just depends on what’s near them when they do, one that mostly stays in the same area is pretty uniform while one that migrates or wanders would have more variety. the materials wear down or become damaged over time, so some would have mostly smooth armor while others would be a mix..


Running Horse Skeleton by Zoe Elizabeth Carter

Graphite on bond paper, 2012

Zoebird Illustration


The Crystal Gems
since finished tall of season 1 (???) earlier today o  w o


Hi everyone! I’ve been really busy lately on some projects, and one of those was this storyboard! It’s a short story about 3 kids LARPing, getting into trouble, and the perils of selfish honesty!

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Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira recently completed work on his largest installation to date at Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade in São Paulo. Oliveira uses the repurposed wood pieces as a skin nailed to an organic framework that looks intentionally like a large root system. Because the space provided by the museum was so immense, the artist expanded the installation into a fully immersive environment where viewers are welcome to enter the artwork and explore the cavernous interior.





Anthony Samaniego

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procrastination = hijabi babe power

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