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From Burano Island to Bristol? (Yeah, really!)

Here’s our pick of some of the most colourful cities in Europe.

Sunglasses optional…

Cinque Terry, Italy

(photo via

Burano, Italy

(photo via istock)

Amorgos Island, Greece

(photo via weheartit)

Menton, Cote d’Azur, France

(photo via Google +)

Tenby, Wales, England

(photo via

Bristol, England

(photo via istock)

Wroclaw, Poland

(photo from

Porto, Portugal

(photo from



Trying out some designs for Persephone and Demeter. 

these are so pretty!!!! the flowers in their hair is amazing ahh esp Demeter it looks soooo good.


Happy Birthday, Loki! I hope you had a good one and that all the best waits for you in this new year!


i swear to fuck bird if you shit on me were not going to have a good day


self portrait

taking a break from commissions and work. 

i always look grumpy. it’s just my face -_- i’m nice, i swear. 


Shingeki no Bara Ladies. <3 part 1.

I was procrastinating from my main project and ended up drawing these, and I really enjoy it :D will draw the rest of the cast ASAP.